January 25, 2012

Did your Mom ever tell you to “Dress the part” or did your Dad ever mutter the words “Clothing makes the man”? Well let me tell you, Mom and Dad are and will always be right!

So many families ask me what do we all wear? Well, here are some ideas for parents to look at when pairing up outfits. Now, I am not a fan of the matchy-matchy look (everyone in white polo shirts – that’s so vanilla) instead make it fun and fresh. Here is a great place to start. Find four colors that you love together. Next translate those four color into your whole family’s wardrobe and making tons of room for each member to let their own style shine bright. What do I mean? Well, here is a bunch of looks I pulled just by using this rule of four (yes, I just made that rule up) by using different color schemes. Take a look!