April 16, 2010

Everyone has secerts, here are 25 of mine.

1. My dream would be to own a camp! I loved camp as a kid. I went to Blue Star in North Carolina. Sixteen of my summers were spent in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I honestly can say that camp was the best gift my parents gave me.

2. I love challenges and figuring out puzzles, rolling the dice and acting out. Lucky for me all my skills are perfect for my weekly game nights I have with friends. I have a collection of board games that we all love play during our POT LUCK GAME NIGHTS!

3. I constantly have a project going on. Whether its for work or outside of work I am always creating or crafting up some magic. If I am not than I feel like I don’t have any legs. It is what makes me move!

4. I am one who loves a competitive game of tennis (if you want lessons I teach privates outdoors during the spring summer)

5. I am a vegetarian.

6. If I would live in any era of time I would love to live in the 40’s-50’s I love the dresses, the suits, the hats….

7. My whole-hearts passion is photography and am beyond thankful that I can share this with you.

8. My least favorite part of the movies are those annoying commercials that seem to go on forever but, really I thank god that the theater has them because I am always running late!!!! And really can’t wait for the previews and the opening titles.

9. If my tivo was broken and can only record one station it would be anything on BRAVO because I adore Andy Cohen and all the reality tv but I also love James Lipton and how he interviews artists on The Actors Studio (I tend to interview people who I have one on one time with because, I want to know what drives them) Guess its the James Lipton in me.

10. My favorite color is Chartreuse and any color in that mono chromatic spectrum.

11. I have a huge spot in my heart for Architecture and Industrial Design – this city is filled with amazing work!

12. There can never be to many Fonts or shoes for that matter!

13. I’m often shaking my groove thang behind a steering wheel – and yes, I’m the first one to shimmy on the dance floor.

14. I hate reading out loud and as a kid I would count how many paragraphs till it was my turn to read.

15. Barcelona holds the top favorite place so far in my passport.

16. Swimming laps is a great 20 minutes away from any noise.

17. I’m loving Instagram and yes – this is my shameless plug to follow me @nephotography (click here)

18. I love the smell of a grass field after a rainstorm.

19. If I am in a crowded room I get claustrophobic and need space. I’m one of those introverts hidden inside an extrovert.

20. I can never just close my eyes and fall asleep I am always in awe of those who can.

21. I crave laughter. The type that brings you to tears. The type that becomes the uncontrollable giggles. The type where people erupt into snorts or dolphin shrieks and just let go.

22. Watching a bonfire or sitting by a fireplace always soothes me and makes me feel at home.

23. I did improv comedy here in Chicago for 5 years and everytime I enter a theater – I still get a rush of excitement.

24. Seeing someone smile, makes me smile and just warms my heart.

25. When asked to describe things, I’ll often use my arms in hugh gestures because I’m always at a loss for words but glad that a photo is worth a thousand words – yes a true artist!!!

Welcome to my photo blog. A place where you will find all of my latest projects that moved me in some way (big or small). If you’re a prospective client, please take your time to view my website where you’ll find my galleries and info about what to expect during our session together. If you’re new here, feel free to check the different categories listed. If you’re just a person who stops by to spread a little cyber love, then kiss to you! As for my style, I work on location and call the windy city my backdrop. I love the versatility of having every shoot being different from the next. Everyone has their own story. Their own flavor. It’s my job to capture their true expressions and have their personality shine through. To me your environment isn’t just a place but its a stage which is an extension of yourself. It’s part of my nature to observe how others act and respond in front of my lens. I am interested in well what makes you…YOU! What makes you tick? What makes you smile? Its that aura or presence about someone that I find fascinating and am so glad to call myself a photographer.